Prepared Florida Keys

Prepared Florida Keys

Be Prepared in The Florida Keys

Storms Can Cause Confusion – Be Prepared

Many times in the Florida area, storms can sneak up on us but generally, when a hurricane is coming we do have some time to prepare ourselves. I am writing because as we speak a storm named Hurricane Irma may or may not be brewing out in the ocean and headed straight for Florida. Right now, we are being warned that it may hit sometime next week and we should think about what each of us will do if it does. STAY CONNECTED!

Some folks decide to weather out a storm no matter what the threat or no matter the length of time they have to ‘get out of dodge’. I have personally been guilty of this and so far, have been lucky enough to be sitting here writing this article. However, I am one of those who always has gallons of extra water on hand, I buy extra tanks of gas for the grill, and during the storm season always make sure that my car has a full gas tank.

When a Storm Warning is in Effect

Once a hurricane warning is in effect we can expect usually one of two things. It either passes and we get absolutely nothing or some people lose their lives and a lot of damage occurs. In the Florida Keys and lower parts of the state, we are exceptionally prone to have flooded areas due to the close to sea level lands we call home. In my opinion, one should keep a water damage company in mind so that when a disaster hits you already know who to call. I actually keep a company on hand so they already know me and it is easy to get their attention when you need them the most.

Another consideration is WATER! We don’t think about how much we consume until it is gone. There are some really good systems for filtering water when you need it. The Big Berkey is an excellent filtering system as it filters any water anywhere but when in a pinch, so is the Brita or Pur we like to use around the house. Having something like this and extra gallons of water around can mean DAYS of extra time if the power is out and the water is down. Gallons of water are mere dollars at the store!

After the Storm Can be The Most Trying Time

The storm has passed and you made it! Now what?! Well, if the power is down, phones are out and you don’t have water the trial is just beginning. Having been through this, if you don’t have a generator you are out of luck. If you have the funds, the room and the persistence to make sure it starts, a generator can make a huge difference to you if there is no power. I don’t know about you, but my employer still expected me to work. They had a generator so I should be there. Nevermind the fact that I couldn’t really get ready. I could shower…with cold water but past that I could not dry my hair, if it was dark, there was no light and having breakfast was a challenge. I was lucky. I happened to have a window unit….and a generator that ran it & one refrigerator. Storms like the heat.

In conclusion, if you know a hurricane is coming…..MAKE ARRANGEMENTS! Just do it. Get out of there if you live in a high flood area. If you decide to bunker down BE PREPARED. When you need help in the keys contact a shelter. If you are flooded try to contact someone quickly. We can recommend if you need experienced remediators or just water removal.

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