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honey bee on yellow flowerStop! Don’t even think about removing bees with insecticide!* Not only is there a serious scarcity of wild honey bees (which impacts the ability of local gardeners or grower to produce food or flowers), but you will probably end up with angry, stinging bees!

Your local bee keeper will have a peaceful green way to remove your bees.

If you’re in the Florida Keys or South Florida, we’re your local beekeeper. Call us today for fast, reliable removal of bees. We're safe and green!

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Key West, Thursday, Jan. 5th -- There has been a buzz at the Custom House Museum in recent months, but it is not from a visiting artist.

An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 bees took up residence on the third floor, where they constructed a large hive in an attic space. Custom House management became concerned about the bees becoming agitated and attacking patrons and workers. Officials wanted the bees removed, but not exterminated, said Director Claudia Pennington.

Florida Keys Honey and Bees on Wednesday removed the bees, including the queen, and relocated them to the company's hives on Big Pine Key, where they will make honey for the company. Read More of Custom House abuzz with bees ...

In addition to swarm and hive removal, Florida Keys Honey and Bees sells honey, nucleus hives, queens, and pollination services.


  • Swarm removal (before bees make a hive in your house or on your property);
  • Hive removal
  • Buy Nucleus Hives
  • Buy Queens
  • Hive Maintenance
  • Pollination
  • Cut Outs and Close Outs

Should I Remove Them Myself of Use A Professional Bee Keeper?

Not sure what kind of bees you have? Check to find out whether it's a honey bee or not?

Humane and eco-friendly bee and hive removal and relocation.

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